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Magickal Moon

Amethyst Chevron Medium Tumble Stone

Amethyst Chevron Medium Tumble Stone

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Amethyst Chevron is a combination of amethyst with white quartz, which forms the characteristic stripes or V-shapes on the stone. 

This protection stone has all the properties of amethyst, plus a few special associations. It’s good for releasing fears and finding inner strength. Assists you in gaining clarity of thought and insight into any situation. Aids you in the decision-making process. Heals past-life trauma by moving your spirit above and beyond it and helps you find balance during life’s ups and downs. Promotes calm energy and relieves anxiety or worry.

Cleanse under running water, using sage or in moonlight. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Size approx : 25 - 45mm

Important: I cleanse my crystals before sending them but advise you cleanse them again when you receive them. I also put Lavender in the bag with them to absorb any negative energies. If you are allergic to Lavender, please state this in the delivery instructions or contact me via the website. 

Please note:  Crystal healing is metaphysical in nature. They should not be used as a replacement for medical advice or treatment.

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