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Sodalite Medium Tumble Stone

Sodalite Medium Tumble Stone

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Sodalite is a mineral from the group of silicates. It is a rare and highly sought-after stone. Its colour is soft and soothing. Sodalite is considered to be the stone that "opens" our mind.

When used for its metaphysical healing properties sodalite is a stone of endurance.  It can be used to maximise energy even during the most challenging situations.

It increases confidence and enhances creativity.  Sodalite helps alleviate fear, brings clarity of mind and offers psychic protection.  When used during meditation it deepens the state and enhances the experience.

Although the healing properties of sodalite are powerful, crystals work slowly and gently.  It enhances self esteem, can remove pessimistic thoughts and replaces negative feelings with positive energy.  Working with sodalite can help you reach your full potential.

Cleanse in moonlight or on a Quartz cluster overnight. Charge in sunlight for one hour.

Size approx : 25-45mm 

Important: I cleanse my crystals before sending them but advise you cleanse them again when you receive them. I also put Lavender in the bag with them to absorb any negative energies. If you are allergic to Lavender, please state this in the delivery instructions or contact me via the website. 

Please note:  Crystal healing is metaphysical in nature. They should not be used as a replacement for medical advice or treatment.


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