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Light Jasper Brecciated Medium Tumble Stones

Light Jasper Brecciated Medium Tumble Stones

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Brecciated jasper is a form of jasper in which cracks have formed and have been cemented with chalcedony. This is the most common colour variety, but there are many of them.

This variety is the stone of strength and vitality.  Brecciated Jasper is very supportive during times of stress. Brecciated Jasper can help to bring order and clarity to those who feel overwhelmed. Brecciated Jasper brings mental clarity by improving concentration and focus.

Cleanse by running under cold, fresh water for 2 minutes. Charge by leaving it in the sun for a day.

Size approx : 25 - 45mm

Important: I cleanse my crystals before sending them but advise you cleanse them again when you receive them. I also put Lavender in the bag with them to absorb any negative energies. If you are allergic to Lavender, please state this in the delivery instructions or contact me via the website. 

Please note:  Crystal healing is metaphysical in nature. They should not be used as a replacement for medical advice or treatment.

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